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04/03/2016 From Overblog

Duration of Generating Your First Game at Game Dev Tycoon

Have you played a game in which you will develop a game? This is not a usual game like arcades, adventures, fighting or whatsoever, the objective merely lies in the creation of a game and make it popular in the market. How are you going to calculate for the overall stages of your game? Follow the Game Dev Tycoon Guide.

Getting to know the duration of the game development

The player has its overall control on how to come up with a new game but it depends on the size of the game that the player will create. There are four categories of sizes ranging from small, medium, large and AAA. Each of these game sizes has corresponding time durations on every stage of development including the preparation and stage period. The aggregate duration for every category are 1 month plus 2.75 weeks for small game size, 2 months plus 2.75 weeks for medium game size, 3 months plus 3 weeks for a large game size, and lastly, 6 months and 3.75 weeks for an AAA game size.

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02/24/2016 From Overblog

How does the DomiNations Hack console work?

Witness the massive civilization from the stone age up to the modern era through the Domination game. This app concentrates on the advancement of the capital city, exploration, and invasion of the other intervening nation. The city is composed of alliances, attacking, mechanics, buildings, mercenaries, blessings facilities, wildlife, technology and generals. The hacking console is designed to generate amenities for the battle against with the other nation that plans to colonize the city.

The hacking consoles today are developed without the need to root the administrative privacy settings of your gadget. Limiting the access of the hack tools is a way to keep the device to become secured and prevent the DomiNations free crowns hack software to penetrate the confidential information of the gadget. Apart from that, many authorized online agencies are providing certifications to these hack and cheats sites to support the developers’ software and to feature free spyware, malware, and virus hack tools.

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02/15/2016 From Overblog

10 Useful Tips for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Players

I found those 10 tips very useful, they improved my Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes gameplay a lot. Cheats and hack tools work great too, but I will talk about that later.

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